River City Riot, Part 2

The latest release from Boosh & the Dip comes through as a socio-political commentary that concludes The River City Riot. The music comes in a time of great uncertainty, and reflects the feelings of those who are willing to fight for progress.

RCR2 is a continuation of the cinematic two part album. Listen to the songs “Comfort Zone”, “Drinking Buddies”, and “On You” to get a better sense of the diversity of this project. Check it out on this page below.

  • CATEGORY: Albums
  • DATE: 2017
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THe Fight Continues…  

The River City Riot, Part 2 is has arrived to announce the next chapter of the artist’s journey. Still wrestling with the feelings of wanting to escape, the realization is made that ultimately, we must stand up for the community we represent. Our art, ultimately, must represent our community; and staying true to our artform means staying true to its roots, as well as our own. 

Featuring record cuts from DJ Weezl, Piano from Tyler Rae, Saxaphone from John Sweeney, Organ by Andrew Cody, and Cello from Claire Simpkin. As always, artwork for this project provided by Kelly Mellings, the co-founder of Pulp Studios and an award winning illustrator, animator and artist. 

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