River City Riot, Part 1

Boosh & the Dip’s latest offering comes in full force as a critical perspective of an artists pursuit for something more. The music comes in a time of great uncertainty, and reflects the feelings of those who are willing to fight for progress.

RCR1 and RCR2 were actually written more or less at the same time, and were planned to be released together. The separation of the songs has created a two-part album with a story that must be continued. Check out below for the music and more!

  • CATEGORY: Albums
  • DATE: 2015
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///KSHHH :: Introduce Yourself to the Music…  

The River City Riot, Part 1 is the beginning of an artist’s journey to find themselves and where they belong.  Out of anger, impatience, and lust, we often dream of excaping, or creating a new reality for ourselves. In Edmonton, coming up as an artist, the feeling of being trapped in your hometown and wanting to escape to find something more becomes a pretty popular idea. Wanting to break away from monotonous employment and the street hussle, the decision is made to focus all  energy into delivering a message to the people that is both uplifting and revolutionary. RCR1 sets up the dilemma of deciding what your art should represent. Is it the times we live in? Is it the voice of the people? Is it the community? Listen to find out more. 

Featuring record cuts from DJ Crooked Finger, Piano from Tyler Rae, and Cello from Claire Simpkin. Artwork for this project is provided by Kelly Mellings, the co-founder of Pulp Studios and an award winning illustrator and artist. 

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