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Boosh & the Dip is a 1 Emcee + 4 piece band that focuses on making organic, thoughtful, and far reaching hip-hop music. The fusion of many influences, genres and sounds can make you think of some of the original jazz, roots and rock records that have been sampled and given new life in the hip-hop culture. Add a twist, and you get underground that runs with the New School, the kind that keeps its roots in the Golden Era.

The group’s work has lead to a two-part project called “The River City Riot”. Part 1 of this music collection is now available through BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal and many other digital stores. Expect Part 2 to release March 2016.

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It’s a River City Riot! We are living in marvelous and unprecedented times; as the Earth seems to move further and further into an era marinating in disaster and doubt, it is comforting to know that there is a new school group of creative minds working on a solution to the problem…

In Edmonton AB Canada, one of these leaders is the emcee known as Boosh, who has collected a band of some of the finest improvisational musicians this side of the river, to create a live performing hip-hop experience slicker than thieves in the night. The fusion of blues, roots, punk, and jazz keeps the crowd on their toes, while the heavy production influences of legends like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin and Pharrell Williams give their recorded works a true-to-form hip-hop feel, which is all produced by Boosh in house.



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The River City Riot is a two part album, that together forms a complete story of an artist fighting with the dilemma of feeling trapped in his hometown, wanting to escape to pursue bigger things, while still feeling the need to represent and stay true to his art. After exploring these feelings of being trapped in the city they evolve to feelings of being trapped in life, and in the socio-political system which maintains our status-quo. Wanting to break away from monotonous employment and street hussle, the decision is made to focus all  energy into delivering a message to the people that is both uplifting and revolutionary. The juxtaposition of light and dark is both entertaining and impactful, and in the end the realisation is made that staying true to his artform will mean staying true to the artforms roots, as well as his own.

This two part collection features record cuts from DJ Crooked Finger, Piano from Tyler Rae, Cello from Claire Simpkin and Saxophone from John Sweenie. Artwork for this project is provided by Kelly Mellings, the co-founder of Pulp Studios and an award winning illustrator and artist. At the time of the release for Part 2, a deluxe physical copy will be included complete with both parts of the music and 4 panels of his art.

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Get Part 1 Now: (Now Free on BandCamp)

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Jordan, who plays guitar and keyboard, is the co-founder of Boosh & the Dip. The group was originally put together as a live performing act centered around the first makeshift album Jordan and Boosh wrote and recorded together; a record given the suiting title of: “Adventures of the Talented & Lazy”. Bob Howse came into the picture shortly before the first album was finished, and he helped to lay down some classic material from their debut. He is the lead guitar. Next came Chris, who is Jordan’s brother, and the bands drummer. An art purist that has helped shape the group’s live sound more to the ways of jazz and punk. Last but not least came JP, the bass player with pure intuition and funk.

Boosh on the Street


BeatRoute Magazine Speaks on Boosh & the Dip’s 1st EP, “Adventures of the Talented & Lazy”

Boosh & the Dip do an excellent job of drawing listeners along on a soundscape that is both action-packed and laid back, right from the title track. With building rhythms and teasing lyrics, the audience starts out anticipating but are soon grooving on stories woven in rich melodies.

One of the most interesting tracks, “Palm Trees,” speaks of the ways we search for paradise, and drops the name of two of the most relaxing drugs – Valium and cannabis – in the first 35 seconds. Uncomfortable realities such as bombs dropped for gas company profits are interrupted by an almost hypnotic female voice reminding us to “forget our problems,” relax and allow the world to pass by.

-Liz Goode

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Check out the below link to get to know Boosh a little more personally, as he answers Tuff House Studio’s Tuff 20 questions, July 2016.

Tuff 20 Questions

Fan Mail!!!

“I saw you boys perform in a small student bar just off the U of T campus downtown Toronto. I thought you sounded pretty good live, but I really didn’t have high hopes for the album you were giving out for free. I grew up listening to Biggie and, more recently, have been into J. Cole, Kendrick and Hilltop Hoods. I listened to your album and I was blown away. I really liked “Sell my soul”, “Losing touch” and “Palm Trees”, but the whole album had good beats, a cool sound and lyrics I could relate to and found inspiring. Keep up the work and I wish you all the very best. You’ve got talent. I go to school in Toronto but am from the west coast. If I ever get the chance to see you live again, I will. I really relate to the “talented and lazy” bit and I gotta support some Canadians following their dream. Keep up the hustle”

Thank You!! drops a line on B&D’s acoustic version of “Palm Trees” 

Rappers going acoustic can be a risky little situation; when we rely so much on beats it gives the artist even more pressure to come correct with their flow. However, Boosh is rather impressive with his rhymes, the hook and when you add the melodies from the guitar – we have a nice little package that we can nod our heads too.

Rosa Jason

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Fan Mail!!

The live band sound reminds of The Roots, not to compare the 2 because you guys are in your own lane. But bumping your music brings back to a time when Hip Hop was about the music. Respect bro. I’m definitely s fan of your music.

Thank You!!

TeamBackPack shares the Doom Squad / Boosh & the Dip cypher

Almost 30,000 views within a week. Dope!! It was an honor to be included on the Truest Platform, TBP. Now if only we can keep that up!

Check the cypher video, Directed by Sonik Hip-hop on  FaceBook

Adventures of the Talented & Lazy

Boosh & the Dip first started with Jordan and Boosh collaborating on beats that Boosh would later write to, and create the Adventures of the Talented & Lazy. It was like an experiment. It was literally an adventure the two took getting stoned down in Boosh’s parents basement. They went to on to form a band of their old friends that could play these experimental hip-hop tracks live. It took a lot of practice and still does, but the group has come a long way since they first started trying to play these songs in the garage.

You can download // stream Adventures of the Talented & Lazy below:

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